Saturday, February 18, 2017


This contact came in to the site after two others which appear to have been sent by the same person.  One of these directly identified the sender as Laura but we will keep an open mind on the subject as the missive was not in all caps and short, but not entirely atrocious.  

Alex is in the slammer but that does not mean we will not be hearing from him.  Convicts get access to the internet and he will have few other outlets.  Remember that Craig Franklin's oldest son, Scott, incarcerated for hiring a hitman to kill his wife, emailed me.  It was creepy and bizarre, but there it was. 

Laura is news in her own right.  I've researched her and there is lots to say.  

By the way, bounty hunting implies there is remuneration in this project and, to date, there has been not one cent of money received.  That is fine.  I did not start it to make money but to get out the truth and so protect potential victims deceived by the title of Duke.  

The contact said: "i guess that's the last of the news for this site for a while.  damn, i really was enjoying your bounty hunting site - i guess all you have now is laura, the duchess without a duke".

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