Friday, January 27, 2017

Dukes of Disgrace: Alexander Montagu’s bad behaviour runs in the family

From:  Express

BRITISH aristocrat Alexander Montagu is jailed in the US for attempted burglary. It’s his third spell inside. Then again crime runs in the family…

Tell someone you’re a duke and it conjures up pictures of ermine and family mottos, days spent in the House of Lords and weekends at your country estate. What it does not call to mind is shackles and a prison sentence. But that is the fate of the current Duke of Manchester, who has just been put away for attempted burglary in the United States for up to five years. 

At least you can’t deny that the 13th duke has the sense of tradition so commonly found in aristocratic families – except in his case it involves being sent down. Both his father and his great-uncle also served time. 
Was ever a dynasty so dodgy? Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu’s latest little difficulty comes about after a lifetime of finding himself in hot water on several different continents. The 13th Duke of Manchester, 54, is currently being held in Clark County jail before being sent to High Desert State Prison, Nevada, which also once housed O J Simpson under its roof. MORE

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