Sunday, August 28, 2016

A Kindly Friend adds to the news.

A kindly friend of truth and justice has sent the following information via our useful Comment function.  Thanks, Kindly Friend!

I see that Alex has been in the Clark County jail since August 12th, on three separate charges, one held without bond. (The burglary.)  His hearing is
in two days.  Prior to that, he had been posting excessive amounts of photos of his various injuries, including a serious cut on his hand that required over a dozen stitches.  He said that Laura did it after he found out she was prostituting and stealing.  Laura is posting that she is in Newport Beach WITH Alex; poor dear, she just won't give up and move on!  Any who, I am very curious to find out if Alex will serve any serious time for his crimes, burglary, false reporting, and DUI.  I look forward to your future blogs on this topic."

I had run across these online but waited to publish them until it seemed appropriate.  Now, is appropriate.  Alex appears to be fascinated with injuries, at least his own injuries.  Recall that Alex had someone, probably Laura, take photos of his 'back injury' which was actually the neglected wound from his surgery to shorten his intestines.  Gluttony control, you know.  Psychopaths can often have issues with self control. 

Again, thanks, Kindly Friend!  We look forward to more developments.  I'll see if I can get a comment from Laura, reported to be happily ensconced in the greater Los Angeles area. 

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