Sunday, July 31, 2016

Final disgrace of the dodgy duke: The thrice-married, blue-blood bigamist caught red-handed on a bungled burglary - and his ex-wives are the least surprised of all!

Could anyone be surprised?  Nope.  

From:  DailyMail

  • Alexander Montagu, Duke of Manchester, faces trial over burglary charges
  • He was twice convicted of fraud in Australia and deported from Canada
  • Previously married to Marion Stoner and Wendy Burford at the same time
  • He was arrested and bailed in Las Vegas and will stand trial in September 
When, just a few days ago, Norma Lopez was woken at 2am by a burly, shirtless man prowling around the hallway of her Las Vegas home, she immediately called the police.
In little doubt there was a burglary in progress, she was directed to hide in the bathroom – and did as she was told.
She could scarcely have known, but this was no mere break-in, but the latest tawdry instalment in the long-running soap opera of Britain’s most bizarre – and notorious – branch of the aristocracy.
When police arrested the intruder, they discovered he was Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, the 13th Duke of Manchester. MORE

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