Tuesday, July 15, 2014

The ranting, frothing Laura, Duchess of Dimness, leaves a phone message with Judge Zimmerman's Office

 What a shocking thing.  Laura is claiming I am stalking her because I have the temerity to report on facts from the public record.   

She should probably note this is not HER criminal record but that of her husband, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, resident in Las Vegas from the time he fled California to evade paying the funds to his former wife and children ordered by the Court.  

Someone should explain to her it is not stalking to report the facts on someone who has made the news in so many exciting ways, as have she and Alex.  Nearly 75,000 people have been following their story.  They should be delighted to know so many people are thinking about them, really.  

But so everyone can know the facts themselves we are providing this tiny tutorial on how to access the Public Record maintained by the Justice Court, Criminal Division, online.
Instructions on how to access the Ducal Criminal Record at the Justice Court in Las Vegas, Criminal Division Welcome to Odyssey Public Access

GO TO:  Las Vegas Justice Court

There, you will then see a page which includes this: 

Case Records
(Here you make sure the menu says, "Justice Court")

(This refers to the two choices below)

Justice Court Criminal Records

Justice Court Criminal Calendar

 (You want the Criminal Records to find Alex. 
Unfortunately, we can't move these links, so you have to follow the directions carefully.  But we are trying hard to make this so simple even Laura and Morgan can do it on those special evenings they spend together.  This will give them a real sense of accomplishment. )


Justice Court Criminal Records

Now, enter the Case Number in the small space provided. 

The Case Number is: 11F21867X

This Link takes you to the NEXT PAGE.

Justice Court Criminal Case Records Search Results

You will see Alex's name.  To get the DETAILS you hit the Link at the Left side of the page.



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