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On This Site You Get Documentation

What kind of research and documentation does Laura provide?  We are going to show you.

This is the first page of the filing for legal separation which Alex made without discussing it with Wendy, with whom he was then living in his version of marital bliss.  

Wendy describes this period of her life as indentured servitude.  Clearly, Laura's only job as Duchess is thinking up (expression used loosely) ways to misuse documents and lie in her continuing attempts to make someone, anyone, believe Alex is not, as he was diagnosed in 1984, having "psychopathic tendencies."  Much less was known about the condition then.  Now, it would be nice to hook Alex up to an fMRI.  

But back to Laura's newest attempt at creative writing.  

1.  Laura provides no documentation any separation took place between Wendy and Alex at any time.  Even the Divorce Filing of November 16, 2006 asks for a Legal Separation, not for a divorce.  It also does not cite Nullity of Marriage, which would have been true since Alex had committed fraud and bigamy, crimes for which he has not yet answered, having fled California.  This was noted by the Queen's Court in London on July 19, 2011. 

Alex did not cite this because he intended to take the children and extort alimony and child support from Wendy. 

Further articles: 

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The couple had lived together without any interruptions or separations from the time they were married until January 7, 2007 when Wendy went to work and then realized the lengths Alex would go to to gain complete control over her income and life. 

Second Documents Posted by Laura:  

2. These two documents Laura posted do not include the entire record of what was taking place.  It is very like Laura to post a document and then give misleading information and false dates, even handwriting a date on which is inaccurate.  In this case it is like posting pages 2 and 9 in a document made up of 15 pages.  

The two documents show payments made by the TRUST on Alex’s behalf. All payments received, except one, on one single occasion for $250, were made by the Manchester Trust, not by Alex.  

The amount accrued was what Alex owed when he made it impossible for the Trust to continue making the payments for him.  

The Trust payments ceased, due to Alex informing the Trust he had committed bigamy and so had not been legally married.   Wendy was then forced to use the DCSS, beginning in June of July of 2009, in a failing attempt to force Alex to pay the court ordered support himself.  

During the period from June 2009 until July 2011 nothing was paid by the Manchester Trust.  Wendy went heavily into debt, struggling to support the children alone.  Every penny she spent on the children was accounted for during this time so she could be reimbursed when the court rendered its decision.  When support was re-instated, she did so, but that is not noted in this partial accounting.  

Unable to keep up with the paperwork required by DCSS and frustrated at their inability to collect from Alex, she allowed the file to close by not continuing to inform DCSS she was not being paid. 

Due to the fact that the Trust felt it was the right thing to do they paid more in support than was court ordered in California.  Note that the Trust had been making support payments for the children and Wendy to Alex from the time Alex succeeded his father as Duke in 2003.  

Alex received every cent of this money and spent it as he saw fit.  Wendy never saw a penny of it.

When Wendy stopped updating DCSS she knew Alex’s arrears would be taken care of when the Trust  was able to restart support, which happened as soon as the decision was rendered by the English Court in two larger payments.  

Wendy then informed DCSS this had happened much, much faster than any action by Alex, before or afterward. Remember, Alex had not, himself, made payments for support except for the one payment of $250. 

Unfortunately, when the Trust restarted payments they discontinued the alimony payments ordered by the Court in Orange County.  This does not, however, negate the accrual of debt Alex owes Wendy for the court ordered alimony.  These amounts are badly in arrears and will  continue to grow.

If you peruse the accounts for CCSAS-CSE-Non-SDU documents things begin to make sense.  In a few days the entire record will be up on line to illustrate how Laura lies. 

Wendy stopped bothering to report she was not being paid.  Note Laura cut off the document so you can not see all relevant information. 

3. Lady Mary Montagu was, and remains, an ambitious woman whose life had turned sour, not the least of her disappointments being her eldest son, Alex.  

Probably the only calm part of her life, after Alex was born, were the years when Wendy was babysitting him.  The Montagus should have been grateful as the media during this period had nothing to report.  Wendy handled it.  

Although it was Mary who insisted in 1996 Alex file for divorce from Marion Johanna Stoner Montagu, who he had married on March 17th of 1984.  She arranged with Marion to fill out the forms and for ensuring the paperwork was filed.  Stoner - Montagu Divorce

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees   - See more at:

By entering into a conspiracy with Alex by withholding this knowledge from Wendy Lady Mary allowed him to ignore his obligation to remarry her and so legitimate their children.  
Mary's comment to Wendy when this was revealed to Wendy in 2009 was, “we decided to keep the secret from you…… “

Lady Mary is no lady.  
Laura, also no lady, provided no proof of any of her assertions.  It is nice to know she remains consistent. 

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