Friday, June 27, 2014

The English literacy lessons appear to have been ignored yet again.

Though it is also likely Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester, is off his meds.  When this happens he goes back to his long and convoluted psychopathic  narrative, the product of his fevered mind,  cobbled together to explain the 'conspiracy' against him.  

This involves making false charges against anyone he hopes can be blamed for the monumental and outrageous acts of fraud, deception, violence and greed which define his life.  Individuals accused here include his former wife and mother of his children, Wendy Buford Montagu and his mother, Lady Mary Montagu.

The following text, identified in quotation marks, was received by Wendy at work today. 

"Wendy we are going back to court to prove that you have alienated the children against me the lawyer who will be representing us will also be demanding all of the over payments you have received and everything ileagel you have been doing"  

The Facts on Child Support 

Note that the 'children' are now old enough to determine with whom they live.  Alex has not seen them for more than five years, having fled California to evade paying child support.

"I also have 50% custody" 

Alex was denied all physical custody at the time of the divorce.  His attempt to manipulate the children was deemed, "The worst ever seen." 

"I love my children you can cut me down as much as possible but every message text or anything else will be given to the court"

The kids prefer not to discuss Alex because he has been such an embarrassment.  

"You are still a alcoholic and this is grounds for you to loose kids" 

Wendy is not an alcoholic.  She has held a full time, responsible, job at a large and prestigious law firm since she was 20, receiving advancements for her dedication and reliability.  

You cannot get custody of children who are old enough to hold jobs and determine where they live. 

"We have lawyers and are Going to be fighting to proove I am not a bigamist" 

Alex always says he has lawyers.  If he had enough money to hire one he would not now be on the run, fleeing from having to make the court-mandated payments for the bad check he passed to obtain a car in November 2011.  Or is Craig Franklin so anxious to get rid of you he has decided to pay for an attorney?  But the bigamy was noted in 2009 by the Manchester Trust and in 2011 by the British Court.  

2011 - July  
                        19 - Law suit heard in the High Court of the Chancery, London, on the issue of 
                           the legitimacy of the two children of the non-marriage of Alex Montagu and
                           Wendy Buford Montagu.  Children have rights as beneficiaries.   
                          DECLARATION -Kimble Montagu, given for High Court of Justice, Chancery
                        27 - Letter to the Media about the case heard earlier in the month. 
                        31 - ARTICLE   - The bigamist Duke and his three wives – Telegraph

"I do not know this Stoner woman but if she does exist god help her for Lieing with my mother if I ever find her"  Yawn.    The Stoner Story  

"Or If she even exists not even god will be able to help her I actually challenge you to produce her"

Isn't this pathetic? 

Journalists have no problem producing Marion Stoner.  She is busy still caring for the handicapped  step-daughter you threw down the stairs while you were still living with Marion.  

"As I know she doesn't even exist my mother told me that and all of this was a ploy to get Boppy to be Duke a lot faster but no my son Alexander Will be the next Duke" 

Note Laura admitted Stoner existed in this recent post.

"But take me up on this challenge to produce this cheap old Scanky woman who with my mother is trying to destroy my life like I said if I find her she should Bend over and kiss her ass good by"

Alex is crude and entirely without gratitude for the many, many, many things his mother and Wendy did for him in their ongoing attempts to keep him out of jail.  They are no longer available for this service and Laura's idea of being helpful is posting an endless stream of photos of the Manchester's former glories.  It is really pathetic.  

Time to find another job in the Evil Fantasyland, Alex. Of course, you will have company. 

      Alex, 13th Duke            Laura, Desperately Seeking        Craig, also desperately seeking

And you don't want to know what each of them really wants.  Too Icky. 

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