Thursday, June 26, 2014

Laura, Duchess of Manchester, Speaks. Film at 11

The Peers-On-The-Run, Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester and his wife, Laura, Duchess of Manchester, who we suspect are hunkered down with Craig Franklin at his love nest in the hills behind Laguna Beach, paused for a moment so that Laura could speak her love for her hubby with the following post on Flickr.  

Make no mistake, the Ducal Duo are running, running, running. 

ARTICLE - Mailonline - Duke faces court over a dud cheque

It would be sort of sweet if he was not a psychopath and she was not quite so desperate to create the illusion the two of them are normal.  

But when you are on the run over a badly bouncing check, only the latest of many in a looooong career, the use of a title of honor is really inappropriate.  

And since Laura uses the title of Duchess so lavishly we decided to see if she has any presence in the august accounting of the Peerage.  

Noted that Laura is mentioned.
  • [S7089] Montagu, Laura, Duchess of Manchester. "Re: Montagu Family." E-mail message to Darryl Roger LUNDY (101053). 12 April 2014."
We can just imagine what she had to say.  

We reproduce this below and also provide the link.

Wendy Dawn Buford1

F, #208281

Last Edited=13 Apr 2014

     Wendy Dawn Buford is the daughter of Michael Buford.1 She married Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester, son of Angus Charles Drogo Montagu, 12th Duke of Manchester and Mary Eveleen McClure, in 1992.1 She and Alexander Charles David Drogo Montagu, 13th Duke of Manchester were divorced in 2007.2
      From 1992, her married name became Montagu.1 As a result of her marriage, Wendy Dawn Buford was styled as Duchess of Manchester on 25 July 2002.


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