Friday, September 13, 2013

Alexander, Duke of Manchester, Dead-Beat Dad from June 2009 to August 20011

In response to the illiterate rant, supposedly produced by Morgan Barteaux Gell, more likely the joint 'work product' of Gell and Laura Smith Montagu, we produce this narrative explaining, in details simple enough for even their tiny minds to comprehend, why they are all wet as well as being mentally, and morally, challenged.

As you view the documents Gell and Laura put up you will see no claim the support is not now being paid. But it is the Trustees who pay it, not Alex.

Today the police are not looking for Alex, at least as a dead-beat Dad, though he was exactly this from 2009 until the Trust restarted payments in 2011.  On the possibility of other charges, for instance passing bad checks and pulling guns on little girls, we can not vouch for his freedom from the attentions of law enforcement. 

When Payments from the Trust Began

The Montagu children began receiving monthly checks from the Manchester Trust at the time they were born because their father was then immediate heir to the title. The size of the payments went up when Alex succeeded to the title in 2002, at time time of his father's death.

Understanding this would be the case, Alex wanted lots and lots of kids. Since Wendy had to work to support the Duke she was reluctant to have more than one child. Eventually, Alex talked her into another baby and their daughter was born in 1999.

These regular payments are not child support. They are financial support made available by the trust not intended to decrease the obligation of Alex to fulfill the orders of the court in Orange County. Wendy became the recepient on behalf of the children when she received 100% physical custody from the court in August of 2007, changing the nature of the payments.

When the Manchester Trust transferred the payments to Wendy in 2007 Wendy signed an acknowledgement these payments would be considered as fulfillment of the court ordered child support.

Alex was ordered to pay support by the court for child and spousal support, the monthly amount set at $3,500.00, support. The Trust gave Wendy significantly less than the court had ordered.

Not satisfied with his own payments from the Trust and hoping to increase these, in June 2009 Alex contacted the Manchester Trust to explain he was a bigamist and the children were not legitimate. 

In July of 2009 Wendy was forced to ask for enforcement through the court and the Department of Child Support Services. Naturally, Alex did not pay and became a Dead-Beat Dad. 

In 2010 Alex went back to court to lower the amount he had never paid, managed to get it lowered and still did not pay.  He then fled California, relocating to Las Vegas to evade the consequences.

For two years the children did not receive the fund paid by the Manchester Trusts since their births or any court ordered support from their father.

Then, the Queen's Court in London heard the matter and determined the Trust could continue to pay the monies for the benefit of the children they had received all of their lives as the heirs to the Duke, their father.  Thus was Alex saved from the consequences of his own actions, first to last.

The Duke, Alex, still did not pay a cent.

The History of the Funds Before the Divorce

While Alexander, Duke of Manchester was receiving these funds for the benefit of the children he was spending them on himself. Nothing was placed in a trust account for the children. Alex also received money on behalf of his wife, Wendy. Wendy never saw this money and had no control over how it was spent. Alex provided no accounting to her, then or later.

Wendy uses the money provided by the Manchester Trust in place of the child support Alex has never paid. End of story.

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