Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Manchester and Morgan, whine some more.

 And yet again we are amazed at the rampant stupidity, not to forget the cupidity, of the cabal which has gathered around the Duke of Manchester and his Doxie, Laura. 

Wendy was curious about how Alex's court date had gone.  Alex was in court on the 20th for a Status Hearing to ascertain if he was adhering to the  very lenient conditions under which he was found guilty of passing a bad check for purchase of an automobile in October, 2011. 

The fact Alex is not in jail is likely related to his continuous whining about his health, which is fine as long as he does not have to go to court.  But this sort of pretense, with whining is typical for someone with his highly psychopathic nature.

To her casual query, "How did it go in court?" Alex responded below

ALEX, 13TH DUKE OF MANCHESTER - "You will find out soon the judge has a big surprise for you and your dyke lover by the way Ash is only supposed to get 400 a month I am coming after you for every penny you have received over this but look for the documents that will be cerved on you at work and your dyke girl friend in  Ohio."

In case you have missed previous rants by Alex please note Wendy and I have never actually met, neither of us is gay, both being boringly heterosexual in orientation. Facts are irrelevant to the highly disordered.  

And we now move on to our next discovered communique from the Cabal of Cloddish which has assembled around Green Hills Software's former senior vice-president, Craig Franklin (AKA Allan Franklin and A. Craig Franklin, and Allan C. Franklin)   Check out Craig's website HERE.

This barely 5th grade effort in crafting the English language, posted by Morgan Barteaux Gell, (AKA Morgan Pillsbury Gell) natters on as a continuing whine and lie, which is her normal and usual behavior.  

Morgan's Comments about myself

The fact is I am the full time caretaker for my son, Arthur, which Morgan is unable to spell correctly.  I have cared for my son, alone and without assistance from anyone in the family for 16 years.  Since no normal person would view the pittance allowed to Arthur as any amount worth comment, we will pass on to other matters. 

Arthur suffered two major brain injuries, nearly dying on each occasion.  I not only did not purchase a motorcycle for him I vigorously opposed him having a motorcycle.  The individual most responsible for this was Ron Foster (AKA Ronald Edward Kellett), Arthur's former father, who allowed him to be adopted by Craig Franklin, along with the other children, in 1989.   

These events are  contemporaneously documented.  Note Morgan, like Alex, believes their unsupported word refutes all proof.  This is typical of the highly disordered.  

Divorce from Ronald E. Foster

Marriage(s) to A. Craig Franklin

Relinquishment of Parental Rights, Ron Foster

Adoption of Children of Pillsbury-Foster


June - Declaration by Ayn Pillsbury

November 28 - Arthur Foster, Permanent Disability Letter


May 8th - Arthur Foster - Continued disability Letter

No one in the family talks to Morgan for reasons stretching back to her clearly disordered childhood. 

Support for the minor children of the Manchester Marriage

 Manchester was ordered by the Court to pay to ensure his daughter did not end up on food stamps or homeless.  Instead, he fled the state after going into court and managing to have support lowered.  He still paid nothing.  

Wendy filed in hopes it would be possible to collect.  The Manchester Trust stepped up and began paying support for the children.  Alex stopped these payments by informing the court he had married Wendy bigamously and the marriage, making his children illegitimate.  

The Trust had the matter litigated and the court determined in July, 2011 the children were entitled to receive support from the Trust.  Payments were restarted.  

The Trust can pay what it deems to be appropriate and has no relationship with the court or the agencies of the State of California.  Therefore, they make payments of $1,000 a month allowing Ashley a more normal childhood.  

Realizing the court was incapable of getting Manchester to pay the tens of thousands he owes today, Wendy dispensed with the 'support' of court mandated collections.  

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