Thursday, August 8, 2013

Duke of Manchester Requests a Presidential Pardon

Laura, Duchess of Manchester, knows perfectly well she is lying when she says Alexander Montagu, the son of Wendy Buford Montagu and her former husband, Alexander, Duke of Manchester, took the boy with him when he went to England in 2006.  

Alex would never have bothered himself with his son when he was playing duke.  While entirely untrue, this is yet another example of a pattern of behavior which the ducal duo have evidently decided works for them in some way not apparent to those of us more firmly anchored in reality.  

Laura's motive for lying is to maintain her position as Duchess of Manchester.  To do so and avoid constant diatribes and nagging from Alex, she needs to say something and quotes him with no thought to the truth of her statements.  

Alex - “I am actually the Arch Duke of Austria and my original home was the star, Sirius and my first wife, Marion was actually third in power in the CIA when she was not seducing drug lords in Mexico.”  
Laura - “Alright, I'll get it right up for you.  Are you sure it was Marion and not you who were third in line at the CIA?” 
Alex – Oh.  Right.  Change that.  

Alex is disordered.  Reality is not real for him, or at least based on fact.  Today, he is busy creating a semblance of reality which makes it possible for him to get close to possible marks.  

Being exposed as a bigamist, among other harsh realities, has moved Alex to attempt to clean up his image by building onto a structure made up of lies.  To his annoyance, he constantly discovers the foundations do not hold.  

In this case, it appears Alex, 13th Duke, wants to appear as a more emotionally normal parent.  

In fact, young Alex was in school while his father sojourned in the UK and would attest to this as fact in a court of law, if called to do so.  So, no bonding at Kimbolton Castle took place.  No proof of these assertions by Laura and Alex were offered.  

Nothing has changed, and Alex, 13th Duke, is still facing jail time if he cannot raise the money to make court ordered payments in the next three months.  

We remind the reader of this past lie, told by Alex, 13th Duke regarding his son.  

13th claimed his son had been sexually abused by Michael Jackson, making a declaration to this effect under penalty of perjury.  The Declaration was entered into the court record on April 20th, 2005. 

In an article from the Orange County Register, published November 11, 2011, columnist  DAVID WHITING  titled, “Court rules O.C. family is blood nobility,” for which Whiting interviewed Wendy and her two children the quote below appears.   

“I turn to the young man, now 18. Busy with a part-time job at a fast-food joint and enrolling at Saddleback College, the viscount wears a T-shirt and jeans and appears quiet and grounded despite his tumultuous upbringing and ties to nobility.

Over the years, he explains, Dad said a lot of things.

Of the trip to Neverland, Alex says he played hide-and-seek with Jackson and other kids, rode the Ferris wheel and was only alone once, briefly, with Jackson in an attic toy room.

Alex maintains it was wholesome fun.

During the trial, Montagu waded into a sea of media, saying that he was terrified about testifying and that his life was being threatened. He told NBC News his son "was sworn to secrecy to Michael."
"I don't really to any total degree know what happened," Montagu told NBC. "I asked my son; he didn't tell me. And my son's very fond of Michael, but he's got his secrets."

Alex shrugs again. "Nothing happened."”

Now, the absence of photos is not proof of anything any more than photos would be proof young Alex was in the UK. Photo shopping is now so common as to demand further evidence and on this site, as a humorous side note to the sometimes ghastly stupidities we must counter, we have provided light-hearted photo shopping ourselves.

The following graphic was created. Alex, 13th Duke has never met with Obama in the Oval Office in any kind of attire but will not be surprised to see it worked into the story line.  

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