Saturday, August 3, 2013


Rationality is the tool of the emotionally normal, who experience a learning curve with their life's experiences. 

There comes a time when we must stop hoping the disordered can be made to understand just how irrational they are being.  

Clearly, Alex and Laura are incapable of changing.  They can't even remember their lies, much less make them believable.   

After this latest round of insane assertions by Alex and Laura , AKA the Duke and Duchess of Manchester, and Ashley's realizing she will never have a real, emotionally normal father, Wendy and Ashley have decided to block transmission of text messages and phone.  If, as had been the case uncounted times, the duo change their number and attempt to call again, the new number will be blocked and a police report filed, copy to CPS.  

Wendy suggests the ducal couple learn to live on their present income, which is far larger than is available to her, even with her income from a full-time job. 

She suggests they get jobs.  (That dreaded word.)

She suggests they stop engaging in behavior which results in the need to hire attorneys.  

She suggests they cease embarrassing themselves by writing paragraphs and sentences which manage to so badly contradict their previous lie.  

This does not mean the Manchester Transparency Project is over.  But it does mean we are moving on to a new phase which will be far more focused and pointed.  

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