Monday, July 22, 2013

Wendy receives another Postal Incursion

Wendy received a dunning letter today.  We responded.  See below.  

To: Brinkley Investigative Agency
Insurance and Recovery Specialist
P.O. Box 16956
Encino, CA 91419

Regarding: Demand for payment from 2003

Dear Sir or Madame,

Please note that third parties cannot attempt collection on debts as they are legally constrained from doing so. The debt for which you are attempting collection is most likely uncollectable.  

In addition, Wendy Montagu was not legally married to Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester at the time the debt was accrued because Manchester had committed bigamy, an act of fraud, against Ms. Buford Montagu, this having been revealed to her only in 2009.  Manchester also informed the Manchester Trust at that time, in hopes the money used by the Trust to provide support for his two children would be redirected to himself.   

The matter was litigated in 2011 by the Queen's Court in the UK regarding the right of the children of the marriage, made illegitimate by Manchester's fraud, to receive support from the Manchester Trust.  They do receive support, but Wendy does not, this acknowledging the marriage was not regular. 

But we want to encourage you to persist in your efforts to collect from Manchester. 

I am linking you to the most recent address in our possession for Alexander, 13th Duke of Manchester.

Last known address: Loretto Apartments 7545 Oso Blanca, Las Vegas, NV, near the Post Office Box he was using until the company went out of business two months ago. It was located at 8414 Farm Rd. Suite, # 180, Las Vegas, NV 89131. The two locations are only three or so minutes apart. The UPS now appears to be the closest private PO location available to Alex. “

Good luck with your attempts at collection. He owes Wendy tens of thousands of dollars in unpaid alimony, child support, court ordered payments for costs, and garnishments caused by his continual attempts to evade payment. Wendy expressed the opinion Alex probably canceled the check, as that is his favorite method for evading costs.

A copy of your paperwork has been sent to Judge Conrad Hafen, Las Vegas Township, Department 14, Justice of the Peace6-year term expires in 2016, 702-671-3625. CASE NO. 12F20159X , which Judge Hafen heard, is for pulling a gun on two girls, ages three and six.

Judge  William D. Jansen is hearing Case No. 11F21867X in Department 5.   Las Vegas. Judge Jansen has also received a copy of your complaint. 4 - Speedy Car Loan is still waiting for their money, with a hearing having taken place April 16th.

CORRECTION:  The new judge in this case is: Judge Cynthia Dustin-Cruz
Regional Justice Center near 200 Lewis Ave, Las Vegas, NV
Department 5
Fax: 702-671-3472
Tel: 702-671-3381

Since Alex had a public defender in that case your best bet for serving him is probably his attorney in the case of pulling a gun on the two little girls.  

Alex's counsel, who was very sympathetic to the lingering problems caused by Alex's butt lift of 2007, is: 

Susan K. Bush, is one of two founding partners for 


We are sure Susan will be delighted to hear from you and aid in your endeavors.


Wendy Montagu and Melinda Pillsbury-Foster

BELOW SEE PAPERS PROVIDED BY Brinkley Investigative Agency

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