Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July 9 - Response to Inarticulate Rantings by Morgan Barteaux Gell

In Response to more inarticulate rantings, which appear to be jointly produced by conspirators aligned with Craig Franklin and Green Hills.

Morgan is not celebrated for her skills with the English language. And she certainly ignores the need to source information presented in even as illiterate an article as she and associated folks produce.

None of the other individuals who have been working together for the last 18 months in their attempts to malign myself and Wendy, feel any need to produce proof, a concept alien to their psychopathic minds. But this thumb-fingered attempt at prose raises multiple issues which are, briefly, discussed below.

Interestingly, Morgan Gell injects information which was not available to me or Wendy. Morgan should cite her sources so we can research these further allegations and provide documentation of the bizarre behavior exhibited by Alex.

In refutation to Morgan's 'assertions:” (Emphasis on the first three letters of the word.)

The papers produced can be acquired by any party from the Clark County Court. Reference CASE NO. 12F20159X, Alexander Montagu Manchester. The names of the victims were blacked out, to protect them from unwanted publicity.

Their mother, the woman making the allegations, might not have heard about what transpired immediately. Subsequent events, or a perusal of the Internet wherein she googled, “Alexander, Duke of Manchester,” might have raised her concerns.

Ensuring the public remains informed, and so protected, is one of the reasons this site is available. It is a public service, as are the mailings to media outlets which follow the antics of Alexander.

Reading the time line, and other content, could have caused the mother to question her daughters, resulting in the realized need for a police report. This is speculative, but in line with Manchester's previously documented behavior. Neither Wendy or myself knew this had taken place until it came up on a Google search in June.

People tend to be far too trusting, a fact to which both Wendy and I can attest.

Marion definitely exists. The Marion Stoner Story

No one made up anything, except Alex and Company, of course. The continued assertions Marion does not exist, or that the marriage was annulled, or a joke, or a scheme orchestrated by Alex's mother, Lady Mary Montagu, or any of the other versions of reality floated by Alex and Company, exposes a lack of contact with reality which should give the reader pause when asked to believe anything these people say.

The charges of having pointed a gun at two little girls are no longer allegations, but facts accepted by the Court, and presumably, Alex. On April 22, 2013, Alex entered a PLEA of Nolo Contendre.  Disorderly Conduct, [56761], raising no objection to the charges. Definition: “A plea by which a defendant in a criminal prosecution accepts conviction as though a guilty plea had been entered but does not admit guilt.” A summary judgment is noted.

Wendy commented that, to her extensive knowledge of Alex, he would never have plead Nolo Contendre, or guilty if he had been wielding a cat toy. Presumably, the police can also discern the difference between a gun and a cat toy.

Wendy has many years of experience with Alex and says she did not learn Alex had pointed a gun at their daughter until after his visitation with the eight-year old girl ended.

Alex was ordered to surrender his guns in January 2007 because of his arrest for having stalked Wendy. This order was in force for some months.

Wendy reports this hearsay insight from Laura, who was then living with her in 2009. Laura told Wendy Alex had given her, Laura's, brother a gun, which he demanded be returned when the couple, briefly, had separated. Laura returned to Alex on December 31, 2008 from Wendy's home where she had been staying since October.

But, given the evidence, documented over time, there is nothing unlikely about Alex having guns and using them in the way described.

The individuals cited were living in the same complex of condos, not in the same unit.

It is very possible Manchester decided to move, making it unnecessary for this harassed family to do so. Manchester has stated, according to Wendy, who received a voice message from Alex, which is available, he is now living in downtown Las Vegas waiting for a home to be built for him. Alex also stated, according to Wendy, he had won an award in court. We doubt this, but passed the information on to Robert Lambson, owner of Speedy Car Loans.

How he is financing any home building raised another question, as does the seeming absence of the formerly noisy web-presence of Laura, Duchess of Manchester, this exit chronologically coinciding with Craig's ejection in some further way from Green Hills Software.

Craig is now living in Laguna Beach, the place Laura loves most in the world.


Is Laura there servicing Craig and assisting him in finding younger, nubile women to feed his rich fantasy life?

Is this being funded with a possible largish amount agreed to as a parting payment from Green Hills?

Did Craig, in effect, buy Laura?

How much did Alex get?

Is Morgan feathering her nest in North Carolina with largess obtained from the same source?

Or has she left the family home and settled into the far more interesting delights of Laguna Beach?

If so, it will not last long.

Like Fire Flies, the light dims when the sun rises.

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