Thursday, July 11, 2013

And Laura Emerges from the Nether Regions

The long invisible Laura, Duchess of Manchester, surfaces to, again, promulgate lies for her meal ticket, Alex.

Laura showed up again, posting another rant on her website,, filled with serious lapses in logic and violent violations of fact.  She clearly believes, as did Edward Bernays, if she says it often enough someone will believe her.  But she is far less skilled that the author of "Propaganda." 

One wonders who might actually be helping them, if anyone.

My responses are in BLUE. Laura's post is rendered in RED

Laura's Post today, July 11, 2013 
L-R - Lee, Raye Allan, Laura, Duchess of Manchester,
 and Alex, 13th Duke of Manchester

ThankYou for your Kindness, Many wonderful people have helped us. We havemany people who are going to turn this case around its been veryinteresting.

MELINDA - (Don't hold your breath. No facts support any such event.)

The Recent postings, articles and truly false reports and statements have hurt and confused our children, friends and family. 

MELINDA - To what children could Laura possibly be referring? She and Alex have no children together, despite the continuous claims Laura, well advanced into menopause, is pregnant with twins.. The two children of Wendy and Alex want nothing to do with either Alex or Laura, for good and sufficient reasons. 

The recent report made was false. We have the best lawyer in the country to take this case. It took the woman six months to get a report done, The fact we were not home, and the fact she was offered a choice to move twice is shocking she stayed in her same location. 

MELINDA - Let's  see.  Alex was represented by the public defender in the case of his bounced check to Speedy Car Loans.  He managed to retain a private attorney for the Case of the Protecting Himself from the Little Girls, but through she is clearly a good attorney no one would say she was the 'best lawyer in the country.' 

The court in Las Vegas will be receiving a copy of these statements, which illustrate Alex's unblinking willingness to plead one way in court and alter the facts to suit him as soon as he leaves the building. Let's remember Alex promised to behave himself until October 29th. I suspect lying about the case could be construed as, 'not behaving himself.'

The fact my husband this year has had very serious disc and back issues and wears a back brace given to him by his doctor not a bullet proff Vest. People are shocking these are adults who act and make up storys like bad adolescents with gossip its really shocking. 

MELINDA – Committing these acts is shocking. Reporting them is necessary so others who might wrongly trust Alex are warned in advance.

If Alex had taken care of his colon reduction and butt lift he would have no 'back problems. '  Witnesses from court, during the divorce in 2007, and from various locations can attest to the care Alex took of his surgical wounds.  

We are very sorry that the public has to see this nuance (Laura probably means some other similar word which Spell Check could not easily guess here. She might have intended to write, 'nuisance.' I can see her looking at the word, sort of frowning and wondering but deciding the Spell Check must know best. ) the people posting is obvious there names are on articles across the world. One article done by the Duke of Manchester's own mother Lady Mary Montagu or Mary McClure who has her own life and articles she hides from the Internet public while she lets the world and others have a go at her own son. As she sits back and I guess enjoys it.

Usually family members who don't like each other just quietly move on. 

MELINDA – It is clear Lady Mary was delighted when Wendy was keeping Alex's name out of the news for so many years. For that time she was able to pretend to a family normality which, though artificially maintained, was much more acceptable than the present status quo.  

Lady Mary's own history is colorful, perhaps, but she cannot hold a candle to Alex for shock appeal, and does not appear to seek this sort of publicity. It appears Alex enjoys shocking and disgusting onlookers.  

We have never met the dukes mother lady Mary or his brother and sister that is as we have been told a good thing.

MELINDA – According to Wendy, and letters from Lady Mary, Alex knew his mother and sister well enough to borrow money from them on at least several occasions. Emma loaned Alex the money for one of their home purchases. Of course, Alex, being an equal opportunity con artist never repaid his mother and sister, either.

Lady Emma, Wendy commented, paid for Alex, their children, and she, to come to Australia for her wedding. 

Kimble's thoughts regarding his older brother,  Alex, are memorialized in this Declaration.  

Every person we  have spoken to in Australia has said Marion Johanna stoner was a desperate broke woman with a police record. 

MELINDA – Laura has consistently failed to name one source for any of these ad hominem attacks on a woman who Alex traumatized, attempted to shoot with a speargun, and whose disabled daughter court papers say he threw out of a door.
These records were provide to me by Alex directly and we spent time going over them while he tried to explain how, or by whom, they were falsified. The Manchester Trust acquired copies of these as part of their research and they appear as evidence to Alex's bigamy. 

Alex informed the Trust he was married June, 2009, in hopes payments made for their support would then be available to him, instead.  Until then, only he and his Australian family knew that when his children were born he was not legally been married to Wendy because of his bigamy. As we have said before, this was not the outcome Alex expected. 

 See documents Johanne Stoner The Stoner Story

Alex was legally married to Marion from 1984 - 1996

Please we ask you go ahead and do research yourself .No fake police reports.

MELINDA – Courts get testy when people make up false police documents. Let's all report these documents as fake and see what happens. Let's send this commentary to Judge Hafen in Las Vegas. Here is the email address.

We also called the hospital Alexander was suppose to be at they have no record of him ever being there. The fact he was not in the country would truly be a very big reason he was not married to Marion Johanna stoner. Alexander was in San Francisco  and engaged to Sonya Panoff. everyone knew this.

MELINDA – Since Alex reported on himself for bigamy in 2009 why would he have any quibbles about being married to one woman and engaged to another? But, the fact is the touted engagement in San Francisco is dated October 15, 1987. If you peruse the articles below you will see Alex was out of the slammer, and out of Australia in October 1987. His marriage to Marion Stoner Montagu ended in the spring of 1984, though Alex continued to stalk Marion at least until September of that year. Marion filed for a legal separation to ensure she would not have to pay Alex's bills, according to her statement for publication in the article, Article:   MyBarmy Marriage - I Left When He Fired At Me With a Speargun  by Ian  Dougall
5 -  Angus Charles Drogo Montagu succeeded to the title of 15th Viscount Mandeville. 
Article, by Ian Livingstone Mary and Alexander:  It's a title fight 
                  14 - Alexander, Viscount of Mandeville, is sentenced to jail
                           From The Age - Duke's heir weeps in dock "

                           From The Sun, Tears as heir, 22, gets jail 

Viscount Mandeville released from prison  and ordered to repay West Bank $41,509.
                     31, Thursday  1987
             Article: A Touch Of Dinky-di Nobility  Sydney Morning Herald

                     8 - Los Angeles Times 
Estate-of-the-Art Auction at Michael Jackson's Residence|Marylouise Oates 
      Singer Michael Jackson won't be there. His house will.
But guests at the $250-per-bidder art auction Sunday won't be allowed into the house, even though getting behind the intimidating iron gate and into the Encino home was admittedly used as a draw by organizers.
      Set to benefit the South African Council of Churches, the auction at the Hayvenhurst Avenue estate hosted by Michael's parents, Joseph and Katherine Jackson, will feature more than 100 pieces of art and "the world's second largest pearl, valued at $2 million."MORE
                     5 - Christopher Reed  The Age 
                           Article:  Lawyer Names Australian 'Viscount' in Marriage Case  
            Article: Los Angeles Times  Breakup by the Bay: Bellis' Messy Divorce
                     15 - |MARK A. STEIN | Times Staff Writer
                     18 - People Magazine,  Vol. 30  No. 3 Summertime, and the Loving Is Anything but Easy for Lionel, Melvin and Stephanie
            By Michael Neill, Angela Blessing, Tina Johnson, Dianna Waggoner, Maria Wilhelm,
            Cathy Nolan
             SAT 07/16/1988 HOUSTON CHRONICLE, Section 1, Page 16, 2 STAR Edition
            Article:   MyBarmy Marriage - I Left When He Fired At Me With a Speargun  by Ian
            Dougall - Montagu offers to see title of Duchess, among other outrageous statements.

The court annulment papers should still be in the records department.

MELINDA – If such a record exists why did Lady Mary contact Marion to ensure the marriage was legally ended with a divorce in 1996?

                        9 - Papers are filed for Montagu v. Stoner divorce 
                              Application for Non-Payment of Filing Fees  
                       27 -Alex, at the insistence of his mother, Lady Mary Montagu, agrees to cooperation in a  divorce from his first wife, Marion Stoner Montagu. He has been bigamously married to Wendy Buford Montagu for over three years.  Although ordered to do so by his mother Alex does not repair matters and remarry Wendy.
                              Record of Proceeding/Outcome Sheet  
           October 28 - Divorce becomes  absolute
                              Certified Divorce Decree

BUT remember Lady Mary Montagu was a transcript officer and a assistant to a judge so Lady Mary could do as she pleased at the court records department. She had all the duke paperwork served and sent to her address. Also Emma Montagu had a travel agency called Turtle bay we have several faxes sent to and from it will be in our book. Truly a family full of lies and the hurt they have done to there brother, son and the children of the duke the head of the family is sick and evil.

MELINDA – Good point, Laura, the head of the Montagu family is, as you said, "sick and evil."  I could not have said it better myself.  This is another example of Laura's numerous slanders. Lady Mary should really sue her, and might do so if either Laura or Alex had two nickles to rub together. 

Other false statements and articles about the Duke being a bigamist is and has been investigated properly. 

MELINDA – Alex is a bigamist. He is also a conman who married Wendy so he could not be deported from the U. S., otherwise why would he had demanded they marry before the baby was born, when Wendy planned to have the wedding later?  Alex dragged her out to show the marriage certificate, and prove her American citizenship immediately after their baby was born.  Wendy has attested to these facts under penalty of perjury and would like Alex to be deported now.    

Let's FOIA Alex's records with the State Department and Board of Naturalization.  Good idea!  

Marion Johanna Stoner is a fraud she was 33 years old the Duke was 21 the fake wedding Marion stoner  planned on the duke was a total of six months. from March to September that makes it a automatic annulment.

MELINDA – Comments of this sort about Marion are ad hominem attacks. Ignore them. Alex appears to have liked older women and Laura, herself, is older than Alex. These is no automatic annulment, but perhaps someone told you this was the case, Laura, when they sobered up.

They never lived together ever.

MELINDA – According to court documents they lived together until Marion fled to protect her self and her children. August 31, 1984  - Application for Separation  
Quote from Transcript:
""11. On another occasion on or about the 20th day of May, 1984 when my girlfriendAMANDA LEE RICHARDS  was present in my home having tea an argument occurred between the respondent and myself about my daughter Lisa Marie and his treatment of her and the respondent came in from the kitchen and hit me across the left side of the face with his open hand but with a great deal of force.  I was stunned by the force of the blow and thereafter suffered considerable pain as the blow caused painful bruising to my eye.  Immediately after my husband had assaulted me he then went to the broom cupboard in the home and removed a spear gun and loaded a spear into it, came into the room where Mandy Richardson and I were standing and took aim and fired the speargun at me.  The speargun missed me by approximately a foot but only missed my girlfriend's head by approximately half an inch.  

12. As a result of the respondent's assault upon me and my fear for my own safety and that of my two children I immediately made arrangements to leave the matrimonial home and I left the home on the day thereafter taking with me such furniture and possessions as I had previously acquired prior to the marriage.”
All very easy to figure out. Marion Stoner was known by the local police in Melbourne Australia and has a record. Marion stoner has a husband for ten years who was her age then she decided to marry a 21 year old Viscount duke! right?

MELINDA – Marion had two children in a relationship but was never married to the father. She admits this in the court documents. She did not lie about the facts.  She did not need a divorce because she was NEVER previously married. 

Marion needed money from the family and she extorted money from the Dukes mother in her own words. Marion stoner told Wendy Montagu Buford she was going to call her and of course Marion stoner never called anyone. This is old news that the press is printing. 

MELINDA – There was no extortion by Marion. Lady Mary contacted her, according to her account, and had to pay her to file papers. Marion clearly did not view the matter as important to her, personally, as she is now the full time caretaker for her daughter, who is now a disabled adult,  and is not interested in marriage.  I wonder what caused her distaste for the Institution?  

Melinda Pillsbury foster and Wendy Buford Montagu are the stalkers and a complete menace to society and a disgrace to all women. I hope the press will do a background check and research before they print anything these two old birds say. Please someone find Melinda Pillsbury foster and Wendy Buford Montagu new husbands to harass extort and stalk. 

MELINDA – More Ad hominem attacks. However, Wendy and I encourage the media to research all of the materials provided, and ourselves. Wendy would be happy to provide interviews.  Note:  Laura is 50 years of age, nearly 51.  Wendy is five years younger.  Laura, therefore, it also an 'old bird.'  

Trent Van lock was Wendy Buford Montagu's boyfriend her entire marriage to the duke she had a wedding dress all ready to marry him n 2005 when he dumped her for her drinking habits once again.

MELINDA – Another Ad hominem attack. Wendy was engaged to Trent, a perfectly respectable man, in 1990.    A wedding dress was purchased before the engagement was ended and Wendy found she could not return the dress, so kept it. Alex occasionally asked Trent to work on his car. Alex stole the wedding dress, along with the rest of Wendy's personal property and probably found that unlike the heirloom china, crystal and furniture and jewelry, he could not sell it.

Wendy was faithful to the man who she believed she had married.  Alex returned from his disastrous trip to Thailand with a suitcase filled with condoms.  

Thank you all once again for your patience and having to see this insane nonsenses no one wants to see this we have all been through enough in life.

The children and there future suffer from these insane adults.

MELINDA – I'm sure we all wish Laura and Alex would stop trying to rewrite history and find something honest to fill their empty minds and hours.  Please read the material provided and link back to this site.  

We know only the most credulous even listen to them, at this point.  

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