Tuesday, July 30, 2013

And Duchess, Laura of Manchester, again communicates with the world from the ducal residence in Las Vegas.

Posting on the website of Laura, Duchess of Manchester found today. 

RED denotes Laura's arguments. BLACK denotes our responses.

Nullity Under the Family Law Act 1975, Family Court of Australia and the Family Court of Western Australia have the power to declare a marriage invalid, Underage,”

Alex was not underage, he was 21 and 8 months, over the age of consent for purposes of marriage. Since he used his correct date of birth on the Marriage Certificate those who processed it would have asked the appropriate question if this had not been the case.

One or both of the parties were forced into the marriage under duress, parties were married ie, Marion stoner was married and had three kids with a man for over ten years and then decides to marry a 20 year old kid Viscount as Marion Stoner was 34.”

Neither Alexander or Marion was under duress.  

Marion had co-habited with the man who fathered her children. They had never married and therefore no divorce was necessary. These facts are attested to under penalty of perjury in the documents generated at the time Marion asked for a legal separation and restraining order.

After filing for separation Marion never saw Alexander again.  She never used the title, Lady Montagu. 

August 31, 1984        - Application for Separation  
September 5, 1984   - Request for Restraining Order 
September 6, 1984   - Transcript of Proceedings
September 19, 1964 - Court Order extending previous order of court, made September 6th, 
                                        until 2nd of  October.
October 2, 1984         - Court Order October 2, 1984  Alexander is restrained from molesting,
                                        assaulting, abusing, intimidating, harassing or in any way interfering 
                                        with the wife.  

Sometimes people live together, engaging in carnal relations which result in offspring without marrying.

Marion's birthdate is February 1, 1950, making the difference in age something over eleven years. 

Marion stated for the record she married Alex because she thought he was charming. Her illusions about Alexander were, clearly, of short duration as she had fled the marital residence within weeks.  

Why would she marry a broke kid?”

Most likely she was NOT marrying him for his money or his title, since at the time not even the title was guaranteed.

In fact, she received no money from Alex at the time of their legal separation or thereafter.  She did not ask, being satisfied simply to ensure she would not be liable for his debts, according to the court papers.  

Wendy married him because she got pregnant and this was deemed to be the 'right thing.'

So. Why did you marry him, Laura?   

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