Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Propaganda Strategy of Frequent Repetition of The Lie

 Laura, presently styling herself as 'Duchess of Manchester,"  posts at the blog from which  the comment at the bottom of this post was copied.  She clearly authored the comment.

Read the previous Post on this site for the longer answer to the question she poses on 'why would the Duke of Manchester go through an expensive divorce...'. 

Family Values' appears to have a very interesting meaning in the minds of the Duke and Duchess.

To answer the question below in short form, Alex filed for divorce and served papers on Wendy in December of 2006 so he could extort alimony and child support from Wendy.  He had joined dating sites some months previously and quickly moved his present 'duchess' into the family home to assist him as he continued the brain washing process on the children. 

Duke Alex claimed to be destitute.  

In court he was found to have, in his possession, funds amounting to nearly a million dollars which he had attempted to hide. Don't for a moment think this was money earned.  It appears to have come from the sale of the Manchester Jewels, another loss for the heritage of his formerly respected family.

Back in court, Alex sat on the stand continuing his claims to be destitute.  However, at least one of his bank accounts was located and he was confronted there by Wendy's attorney with written documentation, obtained through subpoena of his bank, with his own account information. 

What followed will soon be available here through the transcript.  If you are a journalist, and are researching the Manchesters, contact us and we will provide the files immediately.

Alex's 'medical needs' were not caused by injuries but by his various expenditures for cosmetic surgery, including, according to Wendy, a colon reduction to help him reduce his growing weight. 

This surgery took place at Tri-City Regional Medical Center.  Alex had a bypass, which he told his wife, Wendy, was 'back surgery.'  Since the family medical insurance was obtained through Wendy's employer the only source for this elective surgery would have been the funds from sale of the Manchester Jewels.

Alexander, Duke of Manchester, wanted to keep all the assets from a fraudulent marriage while forcing his victim to pay for the doubtful privilege of having been victimized.  This is Family Values, Manchester Style.

Here is what Laura is REALLY saying, "Why did you have to point out what Alex did?  It would have been so much more convenient for us is you would shut up."

Laura, that is not going to happen.  Get used to the truth. 

"Tell Me,Why would, The Duke of Manchester go thru a expensive legal divorce knowing he was not legally married. We all went thru the divorce. He had no Money to give his children.Wendy Montagu Buford has made more money than her husband for several years.All she wants to do is call the press This court case could have been done Quietly without bringing attention to her children as Bastards to the entire public! Nice mother!"

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